Pongal is a festival celebrated specially in Tamil Nadu and different

Tamil speaking nations. Pongal is widely known to thank God for the good harvest produced for the duration of the year. The pageant is widely known over a length of four days, among January thirteen and January 16. The ultimate day of the ‘Maargazhi’ month of the Tamil calendar which falls on January 13th is well known as Bhogi Pongal. The different 3 days of festivities fall on the ‘Thai’ month. Visit :- เทศกาลทั่วโลก

The first day is widely known as Bhogi pongal. On these days people arise early, gather their old gadgets and burn them. This lifestyle is done to pressure away all the awful reminiscences of the year long gone with the aid of and sit up for a brand new yr. People then smooth and beautify their homes. Bhogi pongal has no such way of life or history however is similarly essential in terms of festivities. Visit :- เทศกาลต่างๆทั่วโลก

Thai pongal or Surya pongal is the main competition on the first day of the thai month within the Tamil calendar. People decorate their doorsteps with a beautifully designed kholam or rangoli. The primary lifestyle is to cook dinner raw rice at sun upward push. Freshly harvested sugarcanes are organized artistically in either side of an earthen pot outdoor the residence. A mild fire is used to burn the rice inside the pot. When the rice boils over the pot a conch is blown and the whole circle of relatives shouts ‘Pongalo pongal’. This method of boiling uncooked rice at sundown is thought to carry prosperity and excellent deliver of meals for the family. Visit :- riberaxuquer

Like every different festival, Pongal is a time to be spent with the circle of relatives, wear new garments and percentage your fortune along with your near and expensive ones. There is an air of secrecy of birthday party within the streets of tamil Nadu at some stage in Pongal. Pongal, is a completely well-known delicacy in Tamil nadu and this dish is the principle course at some stage in breakfast and lunch. Sweet pongal, vadai and murruku are other savouries which the humans prepare and proportion amongst relatives. Visit :- riberaxuquerเทศกาลทั่วโลก

Harvesting plants is impossible without the help of farm animals. As a show of gratitude to these amazing beasts, we celebrate Mattu pongal on the thirs day. Farmers and proprietors of cattle shower their cows and adorned by way of portray their horns and face. Jallakatu is a very famous sport played in sure components of Tamil Nadu. Hundreds of children line up to preserve a bull by way of its horn and address it with naked palms. The sport, although risky to both guy and cattle, attracts heaps of spectators from all the world over each 12 months

Kannum pongal is the very last day of pongal festivities. This is the time when the complete family from specific elements of the country join up and feature a gala time collectively. They go to zoo’s, beaches and watch movies. Kannum pongal provides amusement after the orthodox pongal birthday celebration. Families put off personal tensions and enjoy the very last day of their maximum critical festival. Brothers show their undying like to married sisters by way of giving precious items, anticipating nothing in go back. Visit :- เทศกาลทั่วโลกที่น่าสนใจ เทศกาลต่างชาติสุดมันส์รวบรวมเทศกาลน่าเที่ยวทั่วโลก

Pongal is well known all across India with different names like ‘Sankranthi’ and ‘Biju’. Celebrating a great harvest and thanking God for the whole lot one has is the main message recommend by celebrating pongal. Thanking the cattle for toiling all yr and spending time together with your near ones, brings inside you a feeling of pride and pleasure of being an Indian and to experience such superb festivals.

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