Burgers stuffed with Jack and Bacon


There are those who will tell you that a great burger starts with a great bun. Personally, I believe a great burger starts with great beef, lots of cheese and fresh toppings, all crammed into a great bun. So, I guess my take is that a great burger is only complete with a great bun! […]

The science behind the corkscrew


I don’t normally like these infographic things, but this one is great!

Deep Purple Zinfandel gives a deep blast of flavour


Before we rang in the new year, I was trolling through the local LCBO and noticed a number of interesting new products on the California shelves. Given that I am a marketer’s dream, I loaded up the buggy with a bunch of new wines based on nothing more than their funky labels. The coolest label […]

Moar My Drunk Kitchen


“If it tastes like shit…add some cheese” Truer words have rarely been spoken.

Wines for the Top 10 Tough-To-Buy-For People on Your Holiday List


Pairing wines with personalities for gift shoppers—there’s a Canadian app for that (and a web site) November 18, 2010 — “Wine is one of the few presents that makes both the giver and the receiver look good,” says Natalie MacLean, the red-nosed e-sommelier behind nataliemaclean.com, Canada’s largest wine web site. “You look like you spent […]

Into the bunker at Megalomaniac Wine


On my way to visit Tawse last week, I noticed a bunker like structure set into the top of a hill, far away from the roadside. I noticed the sign for Megalomaniac Wine out front and decided that I had to drop in for a visit. Driving up the long, windy driveway, one approaches the […]