They may not be pretty, but…

Who cares when they taste this good? The quest to learn how to make decent butter tarts continues! I made minis this time. The pastry was lovely and flaky, but I overfilled the little suckers which caused them to be somewhat stuck in the pan. In fact, a couple were fused solid in there! That’s […]

Butter Tart attempt #1 = FAIL

Batch #2 of pastry led to my first attempt at the all Canadian butter tart. Well, sort of a modded butter tart, as there were no raisins because we have a kid who hates them. I used the recipe I found at and while the filling went together easily, I was not at all […]

Video: Peaches is a winner!

Things have been pretty quiet around Foodies Across Borders lately, but that’s only because things in the kitchen have been way too busy! One of the big happenings here in the FAB East kitchen was that our killer summer cocktail recipe, Peaches won the Durham News Get Grillin’ Contest! That’s right, we won! So what […]