Asian Jerk chicken thighs

I’ve never been a dark meat sort of guy when it comes to my poultry, but a while back I got a great deal on a package of chicken thighs and made some sort of roasted dish that the kids loved. Figuring that you can’t knock a good thing, I decided to play around with […]

Brussel Sprouts in a Cream Sauce

Growing up in an English family, brussel sprouts were always a part of any big meal.  My mom would boil them perfectly every time and I really enjoyed them as a kid.  When G and I got married and I mentioned making sprouts as a side dish for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, he was never […]

Puff Pastry attempt #1

Like many people, I love great puff pastry. I just have never had the knack for making it. While I remember my Mom and Grandmother making great pastry when I was a kid, when I started cooking I was never happy with the results so I just didn’t make it. Over the past couple of […]

Product Review: Flor de Sal d'es Trenc Olivas Negras

Translation: Black Olive Fleur de Sel I know it seems pretty nerdy, but I have a salt collection. Yes, indeed. I think Michael Smith also has one, which is what makes me feel even nerdier. But then, what would I do without them all?? Fortunately, I don’t have a blood pressure problem… yet. During a […]