Such a pretty young bird

As I prepped our bird for Christmas, I wrote about the pleasures of having fresh sage in the garden. Having just downloaded some images out of the camera, I discovered I had some shots of our bird after it came out of the oven and I thought I should share. Those dark, stripy bits on […]

Fresh Sage: The Christmas herb

If there is one holiday dish that seems to be a favorite of Canadian cooks, it must be none other than sage and onion stuffing. Fresh, soft bread stuffing that has been touched by a healthy dose of melted butter, onions, salt and pepper and sage and stuffed up the bird’s butt. There is one […]

Pig wrapped Pig

The official title of this recipe is bacon wrapped pork loin with apples & sage. Personally, I like the idea of pig wrapped pig better. Besides, isn’t everything better when it is wrapped in bacon? Then of course there is the small technicality that the original recipe uses pork loin in the title, but pork […]