Le Patriarche

Nestled down a narrow side street in old Quebec City, there is little to indicate the existence of a World Class restaurant save one tiny sign above the door. Built in 1827, the stone building looks like many others in the historic walled city. Inside that door however lives the utterly fantastic Le Patriarche. The […]

Burger Poutine

While on a Chevy press launch last week, I had the pleasure of visiting a place that I think was called Restaurant D’Isle. I say I think, as that is what I was told it was called, but I can’t find any info on it through The Google. It wasn’t your usual hoity toity (sp?) […]

Dinner at Le Cercle is absolute perfection

Traveling as much as I have been recently, I’ve been sometimes lucky, other times unlucky, to sample all manner of restaurants. Last night I was ecstatic to have followed the hotel’s directions to a spot a few blocks away. Yesterday was a long day of travel to and exploration of Quebec City. Lunch was at […]