Grilled new potatoes and spicy sausage

Super simple and yet full of flavour, this is a great mid-week dinner that takes no time to prepare. Ingredients: A few dozen baby new potatoes. You could mix it up with some of those multi-coloured ones if they are available. Half a dozen hot Italian sausages. Handful of grape tomatoes, halved. Fresh basil, chopped […]

Would you like fries with that?

Whether you are making burgers, fish and chips or even Steak Frites, one of the key elements is of course the potato. While the frozen ones that you stuff in the oven aren’t too bad, they just don’t cut it if you care enough to fry your own fish. The secret to the allure of […]

Forget Wake Stock, we've got Steak Stock!

While digging in the freezer the other day, I found a broken package containing 2 now freezer burnt t-bones. They were burnt to the point that they weren’t salvageable as steaks, but there is no way I’m going to throw away a couple of t-bones! Solution? Make stock! So I filled the stock pot with […]

Easy greek

Our family usually loves anything with a nice clean citrus flavour, so when I made some Greek style potatoes a year or so ago, everyone loved them. I decided it was time to have a go at another Greek style dinner so went looking around for some recipes. I came across Robert’s Place who had […]