Cobblestone Pork

Last week I tried marinating some nice juicy, Costco pork loin chops in Mill Street’s new Cobblestone Stout. Then, I pan fried them in an attempt to get some nice colour. I wasn’t happy with the end result but came out with a decent Instagram pic and a pint of stout.

Smokin' Ribs on the Que

As regular readers know, we do have a smoker here in the FAB Whitby kitchen. It’s in the yard actually, but you get the idea. Sometimes though, dragging it out to the middle of the lawn, building a fire and tending said fire all afternoon is a bit inconvenient. To ease that inconvenience, Mrs. G […]

Pig wrapped Pig

The official title of this recipe is bacon wrapped pork loin with apples & sage. Personally, I like the idea of pig wrapped pig better. Besides, isn’t everything better when it is wrapped in bacon? Then of course there is the small technicality that the original recipe uses pork loin in the title, but pork […]

Easy greek

Our family usually loves anything with a nice clean citrus flavour, so when I made some Greek style potatoes a year or so ago, everyone loved them. I decided it was time to have a go at another Greek style dinner so went looking around for some recipes. I came across Robert’s Place who had […]