Cajun goodness

Guido fever has hit the FAB Whitby kitchen lately thanks to a couple of Guy Fieri’s books that were given to me recently. My jerk chicken alfredo is a fave around our house, so we just had to try Guy’s Cajun Chicken Alfredo. This is a serious keeper! Because I hate AC, we try to […]

Pasta Carbonara

One of my favourite foods is pasta.  Another, is bacon.  When you put the two together, what could be better?   I was searching recipes that combined the two and Pasta Carbonara kept coming up.  I must admit, I have always been a little wary about trying this recipe because pouring raw eggs over hot pasta […]

Super simple peppercorn chicken pasta

It used to be that a real foodie would never talk about the little shortcuts used in the kitchen lest they be considered less of a cook by their friends. The reality these days is that many large chain stores have gone to a lot of trouble to create ready made products that are not […]

Pasta Sauce with Lamb, Black Olives and Orange

Looking for a little something different to perk up pasta night? This slightly more exotic recipe is perfect for fall and combines your favourite ingredients with a little Mediterranean flare. Serve over noodles, spaghetti squash or our Lemon and Fennel Risotto! Serves 10-12. ¼ cup/60 ml olive oil 2 large onions, finely chopped 2 large […]