Best ever Kebab recipe


Kebab. Kebob. Kebaaab. Sort of like tomato, tomaaato. Whatever you call them, kebabs are sort of the ultimate version of meat on a stick. Originally a Turkish delight dating to the 1,300s (most likely earlier, as it is basically meat on a stick, cooked over fire) kebab has also become a staple of Indian menus. […]

French Onion Soup

onion soup

French onion soup is one of those things we used to only eat at a restaurant because I could never get the broth to taste quite the way I liked it. That said, not all French onion soups at restaurants are good, no two are alike.  Here is my “go to” French onion soup recipe […]

Cook ‘em down


Onion soup tonight!

BBQ Bacon wrapped Meat Log

meat log

Over the weekend, the FAB Whitby kitchen had a visit from the Sweetie Girl Racing gang on their way home from a weekend at the track. We knew they were coming, but we didn’t know exactly how many people we might have, so in advance I made 8 pounds of burger mix. That is one […]

Burgers stuffed with Jack and Bacon


There are those who will tell you that a great burger starts with a great bun. Personally, I believe a great burger starts with great beef, lots of cheese and fresh toppings, all crammed into a great bun. So, I guess my take is that a great burger is only complete with a great bun! […]

Grilled Corn, Bacon & Vidalia relish


When a condiment is this awesome, who needs a burger? Like most people, I love a good burger. Perhaps even more than most people. Even still, the same old burger toppings get stale after a while. While “mustard, a bit of relish, onions and pickles” is my classic standby, I just have to change things […]

Brown Ale Sliders


We had a big, long weekend family BBQ last night and there was a special request for some of our infamous sliders. As we had a pretty full menu of ribs and chicken on the go, we decided to put out some sliders as apps. We put together some of the Cabernet variety and while […]

Steak and Smithwicks Pie

Sirloin Tip cut and dredged

With an upcoming food media project looming on the horizon, I need to get my pastry skills up to snuff. I decided that a nice meat pie would be a good first tester. I began doing a bit of reading to see what others are doing with their meat pies. I came across this post […]

Pig wrapped Pig


The official title of this recipe is bacon wrapped pork loin with apples & sage. Personally, I like the idea of pig wrapped pig better. Besides, isn’t everything better when it is wrapped in bacon? Then of course there is the small technicality that the original recipe uses pork loin in the title, but pork […]

Easy apps: Crostini


Appetizers. Far from a food course, they are often what sets you apart as a superstar in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this need to create a spectacular first impression often drives otherwise sane people to attempt the most insane creations. Remember my wannabe Food Network Chef, some of the best food on the planet is simple! […]