This must be the place: PRIME

While working on some automotive content yesterday, I came across a project called This must be the place by Lost & Found Films. The series of short films examines the places that make us feel at home. Little makes us feel at home like great food and a comfortable place to enjoy it. PRIME goes […]

Hudson Yards Cafe: Dive bar style in New York City

UPDATE: I have just found out that this place is now closed. Bummer, as it was my fave spot near Javits. There was a time that calling a place a dive bar would be adding another nail in the coffin of a dying spot. There are a lot of these crungy old places scattered across […]

Morimoto Micro

Thanks to the joys of working in automotive media, I have the good fortune to be invited to some rather cool events. As a photographer, I tend to look beyond the topic everyone else is shooting and find my own subjects. Of course I’m there to shoot the cars, but sometimes there are other images […]

Some love for the Queens of cupcakes!

Way back in early 2006, when we first launched FAB, I set out to create some link love with some existing food blogs to find us some readers. One of the first I contacted was the lovely ladies at Cupcakes Take The Cake. Not only were the ladies happy to spread the word, they continued […]