Easy Costco lemon bars

A couple of days ago, my buddy Brian Chow from Chow Time, did a sweet video review of the cover recipe of Costco’s newest cookbook. Called Enjoy Cooking the Costco Way, the print version was available to U.S. Costco customers on that is Black Friday. The recipe? Lemon Bars. Even though I do the odd […]

Indian Hand Pies

I am usually so focused on the main dishes when I make an “Indian Feast” that I never really think about appetizers.  For our last dinner, I had every intention of making these Curry Beef Pies (or Indian Hand Pies as G likes to call them) but because I couldn’t find any of the pre-made […]

The Reamer: Kitchen device or….

I must have walked past this thing a dozen times in the store and chuckled every single time. Really, how could you not giggle a little when you look at this thing? It really does look more like a pleasure toy than a kitchen tool. Mamma G took note, and got me one for Christmas. […]

12 year old salmon

Despite what you might garner from the title, no we are not aging salmon here in the FAB Whitby kitchen. What you see to the left is part of last night’s dinner, as created by 12 year old Duncan.

Cedar-Planked Salmon with Pasta in Lemon-Cream Chardonnay Sauce

We barbeque year-round, so now that the evenings are getting a bit chillier, we just plan on something a little more substantial yet still great for warmish-weather grilling! This recipe looks like it has a million ingredients and will take a lot of time, but really it’s pretty simple, once you see how it’s broken […]