Indian Hand Pies


I am usually so focused on the main dishes when I make an “Indian Feast” that I never really think about appetizers.  For our last dinner, I had every intention of making these Curry Beef Pies (or Indian Hand Pies as G likes to call them) but because I couldn’t find any of the pre-made […]

Best ever Kebab recipe


Kebab. Kebob. Kebaaab. Sort of like tomato, tomaaato. Whatever you call them, kebabs are sort of the ultimate version of meat on a stick. Originally a Turkish delight dating to the 1,300s (most likely earlier, as it is basically meat on a stick, cooked over fire) kebab has also become a staple of Indian menus. […]

Tikka skewers


On the weekend, Sandy made a massive Indian feast for visiting friends. My sole contribution was to grill the chicken for the Tikka Masala. Awesome.

Big naan on campus

bacon 150-1

This will be the second batch of naan that I have made at home. Everyone else in the FAB Whitby kitchen thought my first attempt was awesome, but I was nonplussed. Attempt number 1 was somewhat lackluster. Having at the same recipe a second time though, I discovered a couple of things. First off, I […]

Balti Chicken Pasanda


Our youngest bought his dad (G) an Indian cook book for Christmas.  He’s not very adventurous when it comes to food but he does like Butter Chicken.  I actually encouraged him to buy the book because I wanted it (but no one need know this!).   After cooking a bunch of main stream food for New […]

Recipe: Spicy Mango Chutney

I freakin’ *love* Indian Food (and fortunately, almost everyone I know does, too). But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a hot summer’s day slaving over a hot stove to get a little bit of East Indian influence into your day!! The following recipe is adapted from “Curry: Fire and Spice – Over […]