The Beast makes its way home


I dropped by Napoleon Grills’ head office in Barrie today and picked up our new Prestige Series P500 grill. It looks great in its box, but will look even better after we assemble it and get dinner going!

Another BBQ bites the dust


The economy of buying cheap barbecues is beginning to drive me crazy. Spend $300 or so, to buy a shiny new BBQ that has rusted beyond belief in just three years. Of course the alternative is to pay over a grand to buy a beastly machine that will last years longer. Our last BBQ purchase […]

Every kitchen should have one


If you love sandwiches, you should have one. If you have kids, you should have one. If you cook anything, you should have one. If you hate to cook…well, you get the idea. I bought Sandy a panini press for her birthday. it was partially a joke, as we have a habit of buying gifts […]

Prosciutto wrapped stuffed chicken


It has been said before that the best food relies upon the simplicity of allowing good ingredients to speak for themselves. We’ve all seen the pretentious magazine recipes that have a half a page of ingredients. All too often, those recipes include ingredients like ground Tibetan turnip seed, only available at one market in Kathmandu. […]

Grilled Corn, Tomato and Bacon relish


I’ve been more than a little bit bored with your regular mustard and relish type condiments on my burger these last few months, which has led me to try out some new things. Last Summer I started using store bought corn relish. Tired even of that, I decided to step it up a notch with […]

Have you ever used your side burner?


The first time we bought a BBQ that had a side burner, I thought it was a pretty cool feature. Then, I think I used it only once or twice during the life of the Q. I would be willing to bet that most of our readers have never used theirs either. Of course One […]

12 year old salmon


Despite what you might garner from the title, no we are not aging salmon here in the FAB Whitby kitchen. What you see to the left is part of last night’s dinner, as created by 12 year old Duncan.

Kid friendly party food: Pizza Boats

pizza boats

Having spent too much time in front of the computer one day last week, Mamma Gee and I retired to the anti chamber, whereupon we commenced channel surfing. As there were no vampire shows on, the remote magically made its way to SpeedTV. Imagine that! We came across The Racing Chef and since combining food […]