Cajun goodness

Guido fever has hit the FAB Whitby kitchen lately thanks to a couple of Guy Fieri’s books that were given to me recently. My jerk chicken alfredo is a fave around our house, so we just had to try Guy’s Cajun Chicken Alfredo. This is a serious keeper! Because I hate AC, we try to […]

Brussel Sprouts in a Cream Sauce

Growing up in an English family, brussel sprouts were always a part of any big meal.  My mom would boil them perfectly every time and I really enjoyed them as a kid.  When G and I got married and I mentioned making sprouts as a side dish for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, he was never […]

Butter Tart attempt #1 = FAIL

Batch #2 of pastry led to my first attempt at the all Canadian butter tart. Well, sort of a modded butter tart, as there were no raisins because we have a kid who hates them. I used the recipe I found at and while the filling went together easily, I was not at all […]

IKEA style meat balls

When we were planning our Moink Balls meal, we took a visit to Costco and picked up a gigantic bag of meat balls. There were so many in the bag, we had 2 full baking sheets of Moinks, 7 meatball sandwiches and still had a bunch left over. We decided to go hunting for a […]

Super simple peppercorn chicken pasta

It used to be that a real foodie would never talk about the little shortcuts used in the kitchen lest they be considered less of a cook by their friends. The reality these days is that many large chain stores have gone to a lot of trouble to create ready made products that are not […]