Steak and Smithwicks Pie

With an upcoming food media project looming on the horizon, I need to get my pastry skills up to snuff. I decided that a nice meat pie would be a good first tester. I began doing a bit of reading to see what others are doing with their meat pies. I came across this post […]

Forget Wake Stock, we've got Steak Stock!

While digging in the freezer the other day, I found a broken package containing 2 now freezer burnt t-bones. They were burnt to the point that they weren’t salvageable as steaks, but there is no way I’m going to throw away a couple of t-bones! Solution? Make stock! So I filled the stock pot with […]

The simple joys of working from home

After spending the morning at the computer today, we headed out into the sun for a walk with the dog. Upon returning home, I pulled out a head of lettuce, gave it a quick chop and then julienned some veggies. I tossed it all in some store bought sun dried tomato dressing and we had […]

More love for the stock

It was a big weekend here in the FAB South kitchen, as the chefs from the FAB NorthEast kitchen invaded for some culinary adventures, not to mention the draining of more than a few beverage containers. The big experiment of the weekend was the creation of two different Beef Wellington dishes. We began with a […]