Burgers stuffed with Jack and Bacon

There are those who will tell you that a great burger starts with a great bun. Personally, I believe a great burger starts with great beef, lots of cheese and fresh toppings, all crammed into a great bun. So, I guess my take is that a great burger is only complete with a great bun! […]

Burger Poutine

While on a Chevy press launch last week, I had the pleasure of visiting a place that I think was called Restaurant D’Isle. I say I think, as that is what I was told it was called, but I can’t find any info on it through The Google. It wasn’t your usual hoity toity (sp?) […]

Cow meets Pig at Windermere House

So the photo isn’t overly foodie related, the meal most definitely was. As regular readers know, I travel on occasion for automotive media events and get to stay in some pretty swanky spots. This week I had the pleasure of staying at Windermere House in Ontario’s Muskoka region. OK, I ate a meal, swilled a […]

Hudson Yards Cafe: Dive bar style in New York City

UPDATE: I have just found out that this place is now closed. Bummer, as it was my fave spot near Javits. There was a time that calling a place a dive bar would be adding another nail in the coffin of a dying spot. There are a lot of these crungy old places scattered across […]

Killer Burgers

Planning on burgs for Labour Day? These ones are a little extra effort, but totally worth it!! They were inspired by a lamb sausage recipe from The Chef’s Table: Restaurant-Inspired Recipes for the Home Chef, by Lucy Waverman, James Chatto and Tony Aspler (ISBN 0-679-31039-8). These patties are so tasty I’ve literally been dreaming about […]