5 Paddles Brewing Co.


My first visit to 5 Paddles Brewing Co. yesterday and picked up a couple of bottles of Strawberry Wheat. I’ll let you know what I thought later.

Back Yard Living


Who needs a cottage when life in the neighbour’s back yard is so good!

Double Red

double red

Red Dog. Red Stripe. Stubby. Everyting Irie!

Spotted in Buffalo: Wailing Wench


Now this is a tipple I could get behind! From the Middle Ages Brewing Company.

Chasing Aurora in Lapland


During my recent trip to Finland, I learned something more than a little bit disturbing about tourism in the country. It is largely driven by sex. I’m not talking about the illicit sex trades that some countries have though. I’m talking about baby making. You see, the Japanese people believe that when conception occurs under […]

BBQ Libations


Helsinki: Villi Waino Beer House


Whenever I visit a new city on my frequent press trips, I try to make use of what little spare time I have to myself to get out and explore a bit. There is nothing cooler than checking out new places and dropping in to a local watering hole. I recently visited Finland with the […]

Cobblestone Pork


Last week I tried marinating some nice juicy, Costco pork loin chops in Mill Street’s new Cobblestone Stout. Then, I pan fried them in an attempt to get some nice colour. I wasn’t happy with the end result but came out with a decent Instagram pic and a pint of stout.

Brown Ale Sliders


We had a big, long weekend family BBQ last night and there was a special request for some of our infamous sliders. As we had a pretty full menu of ribs and chicken on the go, we decided to put out some sliders as apps. We put together some of the Cabernet variety and while […]

Home made fish and chips is all about the batter


Fish and chips are one of those comfort foods that we all love, even those of us who aren’t really interested in seafood. There is something about the crunchy goodness, slathered in tartar sauce with a pile of salty fries and ketchup. If something is that good when you pick it up, just imagine how […]