Beef Wellington is much easier than you might think

Beef Wellington is one of those dishes that people tend to be terrified of. It just seems to be such an elegant and complex dish that we all think it must be incredibly difficult to make. When I announced that we were making Wellies for Valentines Day dinner, Mooby was a bit concerned that we […]

How to prepare a whole Beef Tenderloin

Many foodies are afraid of a big piece of meat like the one above. That folks is a whole beef tenderloin. We regularly buy them at Costco, where recently the price has dropped drastically. This guy cost us only $62. To put that into perspective, I often watch people at the butcher’s counter paying $15 […]

More love for the stock

It was a big weekend here in the FAB South kitchen, as the chefs from the FAB NorthEast kitchen invaded for some culinary adventures, not to mention the draining of more than a few beverage containers. The big experiment of the weekend was the creation of two different Beef Wellington dishes. We began with a […]