Is this even possible?

bacon love

BBQ Bacon wrapped Meat Log

meat log

Over the weekend, the FAB Whitby kitchen had a visit from the Sweetie Girl Racing gang on their way home from a weekend at the track. We knew they were coming, but we didn’t know exactly how many people we might have, so in advance I made 8 pounds of burger mix. That is one […]

Because Bacon


A half pound of Halenda’s awesome bacon bits cooking in cast iron, the way they should be.

BBQ bacon troubles


Cooking bacon on a very sub-standard grille is very frustrating. Just sayin’.

Strips of Bacon-y goodness


Brown sugar, dijon and cumin bacon strips. Of course, recipe to follow!

Grilled Corn, Bacon & Vidalia relish


When a condiment is this awesome, who needs a burger? Like most people, I love a good burger. Perhaps even more than most people. Even still, the same old burger toppings get stale after a while. While “mustard, a bit of relish, onions and pickles” is my classic standby, I just have to change things […]

Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Peach Skewers


A week long camping trip with 3 children involves some pre-planning around food.  Our kids like to help with the menu and the cooking and typically like to cook the same things every time we go. This year for our trip to Silent Lake Provincial Park, I decided to do some internet surfing before we […]

Brussel Sprouts in a Cream Sauce

GG_brussells sprouts

Growing up in an English family, brussel sprouts were always a part of any big meal.  My mom would boil them perfectly every time and I really enjoyed them as a kid.  When G and I got married and I mentioned making sprouts as a side dish for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, he was never […]

Yo Homeslice!


The easiest way to get kids to try new and different foods is to get them interested in cooking. Even with picky eaters, hands on involvement breaks the ice and gets them excited about working with food and maybe even trying new things. The easiest place to start is with something everyone loves: Pizza. The […]

BBQ Grail goes Red Hot


I truly think I might truly explode with envy! Not only did Larry Gaian conjure up the MOINK Ball, but he has now taken them to a whole new level. I’ll summarize here: Take a pre-made, store bought meatball, wrap it in bacon. BBQ. Glaze with melted Red Hot candies! Now I understand how freaky […]