Apple cinnamon breakfast pizza

The other day we had a couple of extra kids around the house for dinner, so I made a triple batch of pizza dough for them to create their own masterpieces. Some of our kid’s friends can be picky eaters, but everyone loves pizza, even more so when they make one that tastes better than […]

Killer Skor Dip

I always love attending Pot Luck functions as it often leads us to find fun new recipes.  Before I started working from home, I worked in a rehab hospital and once a month a group of us “psycho-social” type professionals would take the opportunity to have a pot luck lunch, trade recipes and stories.  I […]

Pig wrapped Pig

The official title of this recipe is bacon wrapped pork loin with apples & sage. Personally, I like the idea of pig wrapped pig better. Besides, isn’t everything better when it is wrapped in bacon? Then of course there is the small technicality that the original recipe uses pork loin in the title, but pork […]