Restaurant review : The Real jerk

As close as I can remember, it’s been at least 13 years since I’ve visited this place. The Real Jerk has been a landmark in the Toronto island food scene for many years. The outside of the building is brightly painted in red, yellow and green, the colours of Jamaica and the theme is followed through inside. Yellow tinted windows cast a sunny glow over the place, complementing the make believe beach hut that dominates the center of the place.
Normally I’d be ordering a roti or curry of some sort, but I just wanted a light lunch so I opted for the Jerk Chicken sandwich. I enjoyed the nice soft cocoa bread and the chicken was juicy & tender, but where was the heat? Maybe it’s ’cause I’m a fat white guy, but really people…give me some heat! The chicken was whiter than me!

Other than the chicken having no spice, I thoroughly enjoyed lunch at The Real Jerk. Now that I’m working close by, I’ll be visiting again soon. It’s like taking a little mid week vacation!

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