Spin the Chicks

spinnign chix

My first attempt at Vine video. Note to self, phone has to be held vertically.

Mario Andretti talks about life with wine

Mario Andretti at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Last year I was fortunate to spend the better part of a day with racing legend Mario Andretti. While some folks on the trip chose to ask questions about owning a vineyard, Mario was clearly not interested on that day. I kept my conversation to racing and Mario’s memories of Mosport, which he seemed to […]

This must be the place: PRIME


While working on some automotive content yesterday, I came across a project called This must be the place by Lost & Found Films. The series of short films examines the places that make us feel at home. Little makes us feel at home like great food and a comfortable place to enjoy it. PRIME goes […]

FAB Kitchen School: Knives 101


If you’re gonna cook, eventually you’re going to have to cut something. Better to have the right tools or that something is going to be you! That doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to get some smokin’ blades. Check out our first Kitchen School video after the break.

Moar My Drunk Kitchen


“If it tastes like shit…add some cheese” Truer words have rarely been spoken.

Another Sweet Tarts Webisode!

sweet tarts

Alas, I’ve neglected to update you since the Sweet Tarts began a more sporadic posting schedule. Looks like things are back on track and so without further ado, here’s episode #6 of

Sweet Tarts Takeaway: New Webisode!

Here’s episode #3 of I don’t know if it’s technically a Foodies’ episode when the featured nosh is edible undies and condoms, but… what the heck!

Sweet Tarts Takeaway!

sweet tarts

We had the craziest Family Day weekend, which included being extras in a shoot for Sweet Tarts Takeaway! Mooby and I had a blast — the cast and crew are so nice and funny and fun.

Gordon Ramsey: Shrek in a Frock

Apparently an old episode of Kitchen Nightmares that we’ve never seen before. We saw this last night, Christmas Day after dinner of all times and I came across what might be the funniest thing I’ve EVER heard on TV. I laughed so hard that nobody else heard the rest of the argument! “stop running around […]

Video: Peaches is a winner!

Things have been pretty quiet around Foodies Across Borders lately, but that’s only because things in the kitchen have been way too busy! One of the big happenings here in the FAB East kitchen was that our killer summer cocktail recipe, Peaches won the Durham News Get Grillin’ Contest! That’s right, we won! So what […]