Rufus Teague

A new sauce to try on today's ribs via Costco.

Smoked To-maters

smoked maters

While smoking ribs on the weekend, I decided to try smoking tomatoes as a base for a BBQ sauce. I tucked a few Thai chilies in there too, just to kick it up a notch. I wasn’t overly happy with my end sauce, so there won’t be a recipe to follow but they still look […]

Smoked Chicken Wings are THE BEST

smoked wings

Yesterday I posted an Instagram pic of a mound of dry rubbed wings, before they headed into the smoker. The almost finished result is above. Years ago, I worked in a restaurant that was known for its great chicken wings. The secret was that they were dry rubbed and then roasts at 275 degrees for […]

Smokin’ Ribs on the Que


As regular readers know, we do have a smoker here in the FAB Whitby kitchen. It’s in the yard actually, but you get the idea. Sometimes though, dragging it out to the middle of the lawn, building a fire and tending said fire all afternoon is a bit inconvenient. To ease that inconvenience, Mrs. G […]

Buster Rhino’s announces dates for BBQ Sampler Days

Pig Candy

If you are a regular reader, then you may have noticed that we’ve got a bit of a thing for Southern style BBQ. Oh yes, we like wine too! Right here in Whitby, we happen to have a spot known as Buster Rhino’s that just happens to have honest to goodness award winning BBQ.

BBQ Smoked Chicken Breasts

BBQ Wood Chips

My father thinks I do everything but barbeque (I was actually at the dinner table when he reported this to another guest!).  It seems that BBQ is the work of men-folk.  All I care to say is, try not to burn this, Dad!  Serves 4. 1 cup barbeque wood chips 4 chicken breasts, bone-in, skin-on […]

Smoker Update: Finally some ribs

I must adit that I haven’t used the smoker since the first time effort with pork tenderloin. On Sunday I was home alone with the boys in the afternoon, so I decided to try my hand at smoking some ribs. The test subjects were both short ribs and the great big ones. I slopped them […]

FAB East gets a Smoker


The Real Canadian Superstore strikes again. It’s almost as bad as going to Costco. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of BBQ recipes call for smoking the meat, but we don’t have a smoker. We just got a new BBQ this summer, so buying a smoker really wasn’t in the immediate plans. Last weekend I […]