Vintage Woolworth menu

I was strolling through some of the images on the Vintage Toronto Facebook page when I came across this gem: a menu from a Woolworth store. There was a time when all the department stores in Toronto also had a little cafeteria. I remember Zellers and Woolworth, and even some Eatons and Simpsons stores had […]

What to feed surprise guests part 2

Last week we had a bit of a social media experiment involving Twitter and Facebook. The results were so overwhelming that we had to split it into two stories. We asked our FB friends the question: Surprise guests are arriving in 30 minutes. What is your go to appetizer from items already in your pantry? […]

PR blunders foodie style

As an auto writer in the digital world, I have been witness to many PR blunders as PR offices attempt to figure out the dynamic between traditional and new media. Those attempts have often been thwarted by the fact that many of us work in both print and virtual mediums. Fortunately, I have never been […]

5 signs you've picked a bad restaurant

Unfortunately, we’ve all had some bad dining experiences on occasion. The folks at Food & Wine have put together a list of 5 key indicators that you might want to rethink your choice of dinner spots. 1. There’s more than one cocktail ending in “-tini.” While it might be fun to create silly drinks at […]

My Drunk Kitchen: strangely familiar

Her name is Hannah Hart, aka Harto. She is a 24 year old Californian living in NYC. Given the title, it may come as no surprise that she drinks in the kitchen. Hmmm…that happens here in the FAB kitchens on occasion too!