French Onion Soup

onion soup

French onion soup is one of those things we used to only eat at a restaurant because I could never get the broth to taste quite the way I liked it. That said, not all French onion soups at restaurants are good, no two are alike.  Here is my “go to” French onion soup recipe […]

Fire-Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Mmmm, peppery goodness

Earlier this fall, the southern Ontario FAB kitchen hosted an amazing dinner party with a wicked theme: “Inspired by Fire”. One of our contributions to the event was this soup. Not only licked by flames on the barbeque, it also features a fiery kick…! 8 red bell peppers 45 ml / 3 tbsp grapeseed or […]

Forget Wake Stock, we’ve got Steak Stock!


While digging in the freezer the other day, I found a broken package containing 2 now freezer burnt t-bones. They were burnt to the point that they weren’t salvageable as steaks, but there is no way I’m going to throw away a couple of t-bones! Solution? Make stock! So I filled the stock pot with […]

More love for the stock

beef stock

It was a big weekend here in the FAB South kitchen, as the chefs from the FAB NorthEast kitchen invaded for some culinary adventures, not to mention the draining of more than a few beverage containers. The big experiment of the weekend was the creation of two different Beef Wellington dishes. We began with a […]

The Joy of Stock

chicken stock

I know, Valentines Day weekend is upon us and you were hoping for something a little more sexy than chicken stock. Not to worry, we’ll have some fun stuff for you over the weekend. For now though, it is time to get down to the basics. Basics that any serious foodie should always have on […]

Autumn Soup


Well Fall is upon us so I thought I would post up one of my favourite soups/stews. This is perfect with fresh bread after a day out in the cool weather. Autumn Soup 1 pound ground beef 1 cup chopped onion 4 cups water* 1 cup diced celery 1 cup cubed pared potatoes 1 cup […]