Indian Hand Pies


I am usually so focused on the main dishes when I make an “Indian Feast” that I never really think about appetizers.  For our last dinner, I had every intention of making these Curry Beef Pies (or Indian Hand Pies as G likes to call them) but because I couldn’t find any of the pre-made […]

Taco in a Bag


One of the fun kid-friendly recipes I found that we used for lunch while we were camping was Taco in a Bag.  (Gary even had this served to him at a car event he was at).  The kids absolutely loved it and I think it will be a staple as a school lunch.  It looks […]

Red Pepper Corn Muffins

corn muffins 150-1

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our last dinner party was themed “Touched by Fire”.  G spent the entire night (and I mean entire night) smoking a pork shoulder for pulled pork.  He woke up every couple of hours throughout the night to tend to the smoker.  I was afraid that the neighbours would […]

Tiramisu Pillows


I fully admit it: I am a point of purchase marketer’s dream. If something at the check out is unique and catches my eye, chances are I’m going to buy it if the price is right. While we were preparing for our last shindig (recipes and photos to follow) I came across these Sofiato Pillows […]


So, I’ve come to think that there are, indeed, some benefits to eating (at least some) raw and/or vegan foods. Firstly, after seven days, I’m feeling really good – don’t really miss meat or, more importantly, cheese (granted, I did a bunch of research and preparation, but still thought I’d be freaking out by now). […]

Mad About Mango

After my last posting, you’ll probably conclude from this entry that I’m a mango freak. I much prefer the term fanatic – it seems so much less … spooky! Mango is amazing and so versatile, especially in summer, but sometimes troublesome to deal with, unless it’s perfectly ripe. It’s nice that mango is now available […]

Shikar Poppa Dums

We’ve all had papadums at our fave indian restaurant, and maybe even tried frying some up at home. Now you can get little ones that come in a can sort of like a Pringles tube. I recently came across these wonderful treats in the local Superstore & just had to pick them up. They are […]