This must be the place: PRIME

While working on some automotive content yesterday, I came across a project called This must be the place by Lost & Found Films. The series of short films examines the places that make us feel at home. Little makes us feel at home like great food and a comfortable place to enjoy it. PRIME goes […]

Hudson Yards Cafe: Dive bar style in New York City

UPDATE: I have just found out that this place is now closed. Bummer, as it was my fave spot near Javits. There was a time that calling a place a dive bar would be adding another nail in the coffin of a dying spot. There are a lot of these crungy old places scattered across […]

Tyrone Mill Cider Donuts: Best of the best!

The lovely gems of deep fried goodness that you see to the left are quite possibly the best donuts on the planet! The Tyrone Mill was built in 1846, well before Colonel Sam McLaughlin established the carriage company that would evolve into General Motors of Canada in a drive shed just down the road. The […]

Portland's food carts

As an automotive writer, I often have the opportunity to visit places that I wouldn’t likely ever see otherwise. The down side is that I am usually only in a city for about a day and a half and I have little more than a few hours to explore on my own. This past Fall […]

Food porn: a day at the Byward Market

Many, many moons ago, my grade 8 school trip took us from Toronto to Ottawa to learn a bit of Canadian history. For some reason, I’ve never been back until a few weeks ago when the FAB east and west kitchens reunited for a weekend of All BBQ, All the time. One thing I do […]