Helsinki: Villi Waino Beer House


Whenever I visit a new city on my frequent press trips, I try to make use of what little spare time I have to myself to get out and explore a bit. There is nothing cooler than checking out new places and dropping in to a local watering hole. I recently visited Finland with the […]

A visit with Chef Paul

Chef Paul Prudhomme

A full review will come when I receive the pics of me with the legendary Chef Paul, but I was lucky to visit the Chef’s iconic restaurant earlier this week and was able to have a few moments with the man himself. “The house I grew up in had no stove and no electricity. If […]

This must be the place: PRIME


While working on some automotive content yesterday, I came across a project called This must be the place by Lost & Found Films. The series of short films examines the places that make us feel at home. Little makes us feel at home like great food and a comfortable place to enjoy it. PRIME goes […]

Pike Place Market Photo Walk


Whenever an automotive press trip takes me to a city I haven’t visited before, I try to fly in a few hours early to check out the local scene if I can. This week, I ended up in downtown Seattle, courtesy of Toyota Canada for the launch of the 2012 Prius C. Staying at the […]

Marca Pizza Pasta: Best Italian in Durham!

102 Brock Street South in Whitby is part of a building that was called Deverell’s Block when it was first built in 1878. From 1900 to 1917, it was part of a hotel called the Windsor Hotel. After many, many years housing an Ontario driver’s licence office and travel agency, it is fitting that the […]

Le Patriarche

Peppered pineapple with butterscotch ice cream

Nestled down a narrow side street in old Quebec City, there is little to indicate the existence of a World Class restaurant save one tiny sign above the door. Built in 1827, the stone building looks like many others in the historic walled city. Inside that door however lives the utterly fantastic Le Patriarche. The […]

Burger Poutine


While on a Chevy press launch last week, I had the pleasure of visiting a place that I think was called Restaurant D’Isle. I say I think, as that is what I was told it was called, but I can’t find any info on it through The Google. It wasn’t your usual hoity toity (sp?) […]

Whitby’s Green Street Mansion becomes Prego Bar & Grill


The crown jewel of Durham’s Albis family food empire has long been a stunning old home on Green Street in downtown Whitby. Years ago the spot was well known as the Stairways nightclub. As the family business grew and other venues like the popular Tosca Banquet Hall began to thrive, the old house became the […]

Cow meets Pig at Windermere House


So the photo isn’t overly foodie related, the meal most definitely was. As regular readers know, I travel on occasion for automotive media events and get to stay in some pretty swanky spots. This week I had the pleasure of staying at Windermere House in Ontario’s Muskoka region. OK, I ate a meal, swilled a […]

Hudson Yards Cafe: Dive bar style in New York City


There was a time that calling a place a dive bar would be adding another nail in the coffin of a dying spot. There are a lot of these crungy old places scattered across North America and many of them are just oozing with local cool. Add in some personality, great food and cold beer […]