FAB Kitchen School: Knives 101

If you’re gonna cook, eventually you’re going to have to cut something. Better to have the right tools or that something is going to be you! That doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to get some smokin’ blades. Check out our first Kitchen School video after the break.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Peach Skewers

A week long camping trip with 3 children involves some pre-planning around food. ¬†Our kids like to help with the menu and the cooking and typically like to cook the same things every time we go. This year for our trip to Silent Lake Provincial Park, I decided to do some internet surfing before we […]

How to prepare a whole Beef Tenderloin

Many foodies are afraid of a big piece of meat like the one above. That folks is a whole beef tenderloin. We regularly buy them at Costco, where recently the price has dropped drastically. This guy cost us only $62. To put that into perspective, I often watch people at the butcher’s counter paying $15 […]