Mixed Grill


  The family can’t make up their mind? No problem, grill up a variety of stuff for them to sample.

5 Paddles Brewing Co.


My first visit to 5 Paddles Brewing Co. yesterday and picked up a couple of bottles of Strawberry Wheat. I’ll let you know what I thought later.

Grill guard dog

enzo grill

Lazy dog Enzo guards the Napoleon. He knows something good is coming!

Rufus Teague

A new sauce to try on today's ribs via Costco.

Heat at Hooters


Grill Marks


I never tire of the Napoleon’s wave pattern grill marks.

Florida spice shopping


I have been negligent in my posting of food porn of late. Here are my spice scores while in Florida on vacation recently.

Bella Red in the FAB Whitby Kitchen


Our coffee maker was getting a bit long in the tooth, so Sandy and the kids got me this sexy new Bella Diamonds collection machine. No real bells and whistles, it just looks sexy as hell and the timed brewer actually works. It has been years since we have woken up to find a pot […]

Back Yard Living


Who needs a cottage when life in the neighbour’s back yard is so good!

Double Red

double red

Red Dog. Red Stripe. Stubby. Everyting Irie!