Another Sweet Tarts Webisode!

sweet tarts

Alas, I’ve neglected to update you since the Sweet Tarts began a more sporadic posting schedule. Looks like things are back on track and so without further ado, here’s episode #6 of

Sweet Tarts Takeaway!

sweet tarts

We had the craziest Family Day weekend, which included being extras in a shoot for Sweet Tarts Takeaway! Mooby and I had a blast — the cast and crew are so nice and funny and fun.

Heinz reinvents the ketchup package


After 42 years, the folks at Heinz have reinvented the take out squeeze pack that has held everyone’s favorite condiment. We’ve all fumbled with them, squirted ketchup all over ourselves and even left them to rot in our desk. Sometimes we’ve even tried to drizzle our ketchup over our fries and attempt to keep clean […]