PR blunders foodie style


As an auto writer in the digital world, I have been witness to many PR blunders as PR offices attempt to figure out the dynamic between traditional and new media. Those attempts have often been thwarted by the fact that many of us work in both print and virtual mediums. Fortunately, I have never been […]

My Drunk Kitchen: strangely familiar


Her name is Hannah Hart, aka Harto. She is a 24 year old Californian living in NYC. Given the title, it may come as no surprise that she drinks in the kitchen. Hmmm…that happens here in the FAB kitchens on occasion too!

Another Sweet Tarts Webisode!

sweet tarts

Alas, I’ve neglected to update you since the Sweet Tarts began a more sporadic posting schedule. Looks like things are back on track and so without further ado, here’s episode #6 of

Morimoto Micro


Thanks to the joys of working in automotive media, I have the good fortune to be invited to some rather cool events. As a photographer, I tend to look beyond the topic everyone else is shooting and find my own subjects. Of course I’m there to shoot the cars, but sometimes there are other images […]

Sweet Tarts Takeaway: New Webisode!

Here’s episode #3 of I don’t know if it’s technically a Foodies’ episode when the featured nosh is edible undies and condoms, but… what the heck!

Sweet Tarts Takeaway!

sweet tarts

We had the craziest Family Day weekend, which included being extras in a shoot for Sweet Tarts Takeaway! Mooby and I had a blast — the cast and crew are so nice and funny and fun.

Nominations are open for the 2010 Canadian Food Blog Awards


The good folks at Beer and Butter Tarts have launched the 2010 Canadian Food Blog Awards to rank and honor Canadian food and drink writers who work on the web. Nominations can now be made in 17 different categories. 16 of those categories will be judged by a panel of Canadian food media celebs including […]

Give some Free Rice and grow your vocabulary


While menu planning for our annual New Year’s eve gathering here in the FAB East kitchen, I came across this very cool site. Free Rice is home to a word game that really tests your knowledge, but has a great purpose: Help feed the hungry. For every word you get right, 20 grains of rice […]

Photoshop Food Creepout


Just a little bit of eeewww factor for you techno foodies. Today the Worth1000 folks have posted some pretty messed up dessert combos in their latest photoshop contest. Check out the undersea ice cream cone. via Boing Boing

Bobby Flay Cooking at a Car Show???


Ok, so what the heck is American Super Chef Bobby Flay doing at the North American International Auto Show? Well, he’s hamming it up for America’s soccer moms at the launch of the new 2008 Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country. I think the tagline was A New Recipe or something like that.