Indian Hand Pies


I am usually so focused on the main dishes when I make an “Indian Feast” that I never really think about appetizers.  For our last dinner, I had every intention of making these Curry Beef Pies (or Indian Hand Pies as G likes to call them) but because I couldn’t find any of the pre-made […]

Burgers stuffed with Jack and Bacon


There are those who will tell you that a great burger starts with a great bun. Personally, I believe a great burger starts with great beef, lots of cheese and fresh toppings, all crammed into a great bun. So, I guess my take is that a great burger is only complete with a great bun! […]

Prosciutto wrapped stuffed chicken


It has been said before that the best food relies upon the simplicity of allowing good ingredients to speak for themselves. We’ve all seen the pretentious magazine recipes that have a half a page of ingredients. All too often, those recipes include ingredients like ground Tibetan turnip seed, only available at one market in Kathmandu. […]

Asian Jerk chicken thighs


I’ve never been a dark meat sort of guy when it comes to my poultry, but a while back I got a great deal on a package of chicken thighs and made some sort of roasted dish that the kids loved. Figuring that you can’t knock a good thing, I decided to play around with […]

Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Peach Skewers


A week long camping trip with 3 children involves some pre-planning around food.  Our kids like to help with the menu and the cooking and typically like to cook the same things every time we go. This year for our trip to Silent Lake Provincial Park, I decided to do some internet surfing before we […]

Home made fish and chips is all about the batter


Fish and chips are one of those comfort foods that we all love, even those of us who aren’t really interested in seafood. There is something about the crunchy goodness, slathered in tartar sauce with a pile of salty fries and ketchup. If something is that good when you pick it up, just imagine how […]

Orange Chipotle Beef Marinade

beef marinade

The reality of life is that sometimes we don’t always cook with the most prime ingredients. Whether it is because of availability or economics, the best cuts of meat aren’t always on cutting board, so home cooks just have to make do. That doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice on flavor or chew on […]

Such a pretty young bird

GG_turkey sage

As I prepped our bird for Christmas, I wrote about the pleasures of having fresh sage in the garden. Having just downloaded some images out of the camera, I discovered I had some shots of our bird after it came out of the oven and I thought I should share. Those dark, stripy bits on […]

Hearty Winter Stew


Here’s a satisfying stew that’s easy to prepare and perfect for cold winter evenings.  I know it’s not technically winter yet, but it was snowing where I live today….  Bonus:  it’s an opportunity to use up those crazy little cranberries you froze after Thanksgiving!  I’m approximating (and modifying) a recipe I found in Canadian House […]

Steak and Smithwicks Pie

Sirloin Tip cut and dredged

With an upcoming food media project looming on the horizon, I need to get my pastry skills up to snuff. I decided that a nice meat pie would be a good first tester. I began doing a bit of reading to see what others are doing with their meat pies. I came across this post […]