Taco in a Bag

One of the fun kid-friendly recipes I found that we used for lunch while we were camping was Taco in a Bag.  (Gary even had this served to him at a car event he was at).  The kids absolutely loved it and I think it will be a staple as a school lunch.  It looks […]

Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Peach Skewers

A week long camping trip with 3 children involves some pre-planning around food.  Our kids like to help with the menu and the cooking and typically like to cook the same things every time we go. This year for our trip to Silent Lake Provincial Park, I decided to do some internet surfing before we […]

Protein lovers rejoice: meat filled omelette for lunch

Once again I have to comment on the joys of working from home. When a craving hits as lunch time approaches, it is easy to just root around in the fridge and find the ingredients for what you want. What you really, really want. Sorry, lame girl band reference from the Nineties. Anyway, today it […]

The simple joys of working from home

After spending the morning at the computer today, we headed out into the sun for a walk with the dog. Upon returning home, I pulled out a head of lettuce, gave it a quick chop and then julienned some veggies. I tossed it all in some store bought sun dried tomato dressing and we had […]