Taco in a Bag


One of the fun kid-friendly recipes I found that we used for lunch while we were camping was Taco in a Bag.  (Gary even had this served to him at a car event he was at).  The kids absolutely loved it and I think it will be a staple as a school lunch.  It looks […]

Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Peach Skewers


A week long camping trip with 3 children involves some pre-planning around food.  Our kids like to help with the menu and the cooking and typically like to cook the same things every time we go. This year for our trip to Silent Lake Provincial Park, I decided to do some internet surfing before we […]

12 year old salmon


Despite what you might garner from the title, no we are not aging salmon here in the FAB Whitby kitchen. What you see to the left is part of last night’s dinner, as created by 12 year old Duncan.

Yo Homeslice!


The easiest way to get kids to try new and different foods is to get them interested in cooking. Even with picky eaters, hands on involvement breaks the ice and gets them excited about working with food and maybe even trying new things. The easiest place to start is with something everyone loves: Pizza. The […]

Kid friendly party food: Pizza Boats

pizza boats

Having spent too much time in front of the computer one day last week, Mamma Gee and I retired to the anti chamber, whereupon we commenced channel surfing. As there were no vampire shows on, the remote magically made its way to SpeedTV. Imagine that! We came across The Racing Chef and since combining food […]

Cheesy Potato and Bacon Soup


Our sixteen year-old daughter loves to eat.  So when she approached me and said it was time to make some soup, I didnt’ realize how much soup she meant.  Two of her favourite things are bacon and cheese so that is the soup we started with.  Below is our recipe for Cheesy Potato and Bacon […]

Blog Review: KidsKuisine


Who woulda thought? A cooking with kids blog that has a recipe for Kitty Litter Cake! Kidskuisine has the somewhat frightening cake treat, along with a whole lot more. Recipes are designed to be easy and fun for kids to make and eat. Some of the cooler treats for Halloween included Glycol Punch, Pumpkin Gut […]

Don’t Bruise Your Banana


The perv in me just couldn’t leave this one alone. Wrap yer nanner folks! Seriously though, while this looks more at home in a sex shop, it belongs in your kid’s lunch box. Say goodbye to the dastardly squished banana and hello to the firm, unblemished fruit. Your offspring will thank you for protecting their […]

Bloody heart AKA Hoisin Marinated Pork Chops

After chasing the kids around with a bag of pork chops soaking in red stuff, they were all determined that they weren’t going to eat that stuff. How things changed when they tasted it. Everybody loves that pork you get with chinese food take out, the pork with the nice red colour that penetrates into […]

They’re Grrrreat!

The boys wanted Corn Flakes after hockey this morning and I suppose I wasn’t really surprised when I found the box empty! I thought we had another box down in the pantry, so I sent the boys on a mission and they came back with a new box of Frosted Flakes. I’m not sure where […]