Cedar-planked Salmon with *Bacon*, etc.!!

Mmmm, bacon. Mmmm, salmon. Mmmm, boozy goodness, maple syrup, citrus. Did I mention garlic? Mmmm, garlic…. Serves 2-8, depending on the size of the side of salmon/trout. So, this recipe is inspired by a recipe from Cooking with Booze by Ryan Jennings & David Steele (ISBN 978-1-55285-762-5), which, on its own is awesome, but this […]

Top recipe searches of 2013

I was doing a bit of research for an upcoming food media project and popped in to Google Zeitgeist to find out what the top recipe searches are at the moment. Who would have thought that recipes using spaghetti squash would be the most searched terms of 2013? Weird. Image unabashedly scooped from Fork + […]

Another BBQ bites the dust

The economy of buying cheap barbecues is beginning to drive me crazy. Spend $300 or so, to buy a shiny new BBQ that has rusted beyond belief in just three years. Of course the alternative is to pay over a grand to buy a beastly machine that will last years longer. Our last BBQ purchase […]

Hearty Winter Stew

Here’s a satisfying stew that’s easy to prepare and perfect for cold winter evenings.  I know it’s not technically winter yet, but it was snowing where I live today….  Bonus:  it’s an opportunity to use up those crazy little cranberries you froze after Thanksgiving!  I’m approximating (and modifying) a recipe I found in Canadian House […]