Every kitchen should have one

If you love sandwiches, you should have one. If you have kids, you should have one. If you cook anything, you should have one. If you hate to cook…well, you get the idea. I bought Sandy a panini press for her birthday. it was partially a joke, as we have a habit of buying gifts […]

Cut that pie!

We have the best friends ever!!!!   Whenever we get together with the FAB east kitchen (formerly, the FAB west kitchen) we always have a great time of cooking, drinking and socializing.  Not only do Mooby and One of Seven help cook and clean, buy food and booze, and make us laugh (a lot), they […]

Milking the Nut Sack

Yes, I saw this and giggled like a 12 year old boy. Or like a forty something man. Same difference I suppose. Either way, it brightened my Saturday morning. Nutritionist Meghan Telpner has created “My Nut Sack” for milking nuts. That’s right, you put your nuts in the sack, get them wet and then squeeze […]