The science behind the corkscrew


I don’t normally like these infographic things, but this one is great!

Every kitchen should have one


If you love sandwiches, you should have one. If you have kids, you should have one. If you cook anything, you should have one. If you hate to cook…well, you get the idea. I bought Sandy a panini press for her birthday. it was partially a joke, as we have a habit of buying gifts […]

Cut that pie!


We have the best friends ever!!!!   Whenever we get together with the FAB east kitchen (formerly, the FAB west kitchen) we always have a great time of cooking, drinking and socializing.  Not only do Mooby and One of Seven help cook and clean, buy food and booze, and make us laugh (a lot), they […]

Milking the Nut Sack


Yes, I saw this and giggled like a 12 year old boy. Or like a forty something man. Same difference I suppose. Either way, it brightened my Saturday morning. Nutritionist Meghan Telpner has created “My Nut Sack” for milking nuts. That’s right, you put your nuts in the sack, get them wet and then squeeze […]

Sweet Tarts Takeaway: New Webisode!

Here’s episode #3 of I don’t know if it’s technically a Foodies’ episode when the featured nosh is edible undies and condoms, but… what the heck!

Silpat alternative


Anyone who is serious about baking these days has heard of Silpat baking mats. For those who haven’t, they are silicone/fiberglass mats made for baking. They are non stick and easy to clean up and eliminate the use of lard or butter on baking trays. They are also stupidly expensive. Not long ago, President’s Choice […]

Pop that cherry


Strange things often happen when the FAB Whitby and FAB Greely kitchens come together, and last week was no exception. For our in between holidays extravaganza, Sandy and I decided to make an awesome sounding pork tenderloin, stuffed with goat cheese and drizzled with a red wine and cherry reduction. We’ll make it again another […]

The Reamer: Kitchen device or….


I must have walked past this thing a dozen times in the store and chuckled every single time. Really, how could you not giggle a little when you look at this thing? It really does look more like a pleasure toy than a kitchen tool. Mamma G took note, and got me one for Christmas. […]

Ice cube awesomeness: Stone Cold


Ever since Ikea dropped those funky silicone heart ice cube trays on the market, we’ve been unable to pass by any new funky ice cube trays that might appear on a store shelf in front of us. These Easter Island dudes might just be the coolest ever! Buy them at Perpetual Kid via Drink of […]

Frying up some crispies at home!


I went out on a limb and got Mamma G a deep fryer for her B-day earlier this month. I know, kitchen appliances aren’t overly romantic, but I did the jewelery thing last year. Anyway, the T-Fal self filtering fryer from Costco looked like a pretty neat device so I succumbed to the lure of […]