Buster Rhino's announces dates for BBQ Sampler Days

If you are a regular reader, then you may have noticed that we’ve got a bit of a thing for Southern style BBQ. Oh yes, we like wine too! Right here in Whitby, we happen to have a spot known as Buster Rhino’s that just happens to have honest to goodness award winning BBQ.

A bit of lunch time sushi porn

Unfortunately, The Dude and I are the only ones in the house that will eat sushi and he’ll only tuck in to the occasional bit of salmon or tuna. That means that I don’t get to eat it all that often now that I work from home. Fortunately there is a wonderful little spot in […]

Overheard at dinner

From the know it all at the next table: She likes shiraz. It’s a lighter wine. You know, not full bodied like a merlot. Need I say more?