Easy Costco lemon bars

A couple of days ago, my buddy Brian Chow from Chow Time, did a sweet video review of the cover recipe of Costco’s newest cookbook. Called Enjoy Cooking the Costco Way, the print version was available to U.S. Costco customers on that is Black Friday. The recipe? Lemon Bars. Even though I do the odd […]

Legends dessert taster

I was in Niagara last week for a planning meeting for my day job as an auto writer. We spent our day at the Legends on the Niagara golf club, where this year’s AJAC TestFest will be held. One of the food highlights of the day was the dessert taster they created for us. Yummy!

Tyrone Mill Cider Donuts: Best of the best!

The lovely gems of deep fried goodness that you see to the left are quite possibly the best donuts on the planet! The Tyrone Mill was built in 1846, well before Colonel Sam McLaughlin established the carriage company that would evolve into General Motors of Canada in a drive shed just down the road. The […]

Some love for the Queens of cupcakes!

Way back in early 2006, when we first launched FAB, I set out to create some link love with some existing food blogs to find us some readers. One of the first I contacted was the lovely ladies at Cupcakes Take The Cake. Not only were the ladies happy to spread the word, they continued […]

Killer Skor Dip

I always love attending Pot Luck functions as it often leads us to find fun new recipes.  Before I started working from home, I worked in a rehab hospital and once a month a group of us “psycho-social” type professionals would take the opportunity to have a pot luck lunch, trade recipes and stories.  I […]