Another Sweet Tarts Webisode!

sweet tarts

Alas, I’ve neglected to update you since the Sweet Tarts began a more sporadic posting schedule. Looks like things are back on track and so without further ado, here’s episode #6 of

Sweet Tarts Takeaway: New Webisode!

Here’s episode #3 of I don’t know if it’s technically a Foodies’ episode when the featured nosh is edible undies and condoms, but… what the heck!

Buster Rhino’s on Dragon’s Den


We’ve been pretty wrapped up in food media over the past couple of weeks here in the FAB Whitby kitchen and haven’t been keeping up with what’s happening around town. We’re not the only ones with some media excitement lately. Our friends at Buster Rhino’s took on the Dragon’s Den team earlier this year. Not […]

You’re gonna love my nuts

Slap Chop Vince

I asked the lady when Vince would be showing up. She didn’t understand my question. In case you somehow have missed The Vince in action, you can see him in all his glory after the break.

Chef Ramsey Cooks Killer Scrambled Eggies

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything here in FAB, as the world has been overly crazy. We really need a quiet weekend here. What’s better on the weekend than a nice fresh breakfast? Watch as Gordon Ramsey prepares his version of scrambled eggs. We may just have to try these on Sunday.

Bobby Flay Cooking at a Car Show???


Ok, so what the heck is American Super Chef Bobby Flay doing at the North American International Auto Show? Well, he’s hamming it up for America’s soccer moms at the launch of the new 2008 Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country. I think the tagline was A New Recipe or something like that.

Jamie Oliver = Fat Bastard


Check out the new Jamie Oliver. Shades of Austin Powers chubby cohort? No, not really. As part of the new season of his school dinners series, the Sultan of Pukka Tukka hit the makeup trailer for this transformation into his vision of the future of British school kids. I just think he ate too much […]

Jamie Oliver friggin ROCKS!!!!

I’m outta place here, “cause Sandy is halfway through a real review of the new show, but I’ve been into the Banrock Station & this Dude’s show just kills! This cat rolls into an old Italian monastary, gets the monk dudes shit faced & teaches them how to cook! Just imagine the opportunity….stroll into an […]