Jose's ready made Margaritas

I normally do not partake of the pre-made, bottled cocktail, but when the cooler is almost empty on a travel bus and the beer is gone, I’m not proud. I’ll drink whatever is there. What a pleasant surprise on last week’s trip to Texas, when the last thing in the ice was a Jose Cuervo […]

B & T is the perfect Mother's Day libation

Until recently, Sandy had little to no interest in any sort of fruity cocktail, with the exception of a good Gin & Tonic. Her Mom overly adventurous, preferring a drop of Dubonnet with a twist of lemon. So when the two of them are together I like to try to make a drink that they’ll […]

Winter Beater Patron Rita

We aren’t huge tequila fans here in the FAB Whitby kitchen, but a chance encounter with a Patron Margarita while covering a race at Lime Rock a few years ago, changed all that. Patron isn’t one of those cheap ass, worm in the bottle, mezcal type of plonk. No, the company elevates the production of […]

Summer Lovin'

I couldn’t think of a better name for this drink. It’s light, sparkly and delish.  Be sure to have some festive stir-sticks handy to make this even more summery! Summer Lovin’ Cocktail 1 oz / 30 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 tsp / 10 ml sugar 2 oz / 60 ml flavoured vodka (eg., […]


So, I’ve come to think that there are, indeed, some benefits to eating (at least some) raw and/or vegan foods. Firstly, after seven days, I’m feeling really good – don’t really miss meat or, more importantly, cheese (granted, I did a bunch of research and preparation, but still thought I’d be freaking out by now). […]