Jose’s ready made Margaritas


I normally do not partake of the pre-made, bottled cocktail, but when the cooler is almost empty on a travel bus and the beer is gone, I’m not proud. I’ll drink whatever is there. What a pleasant surprise on last week’s trip to Texas, when the last thing in the ice was a Jose Cuervo […]

B & T is the perfect Mother’s Day libation

Black and Tonic

Until recently, Sandy had little to no interest in any sort of fruity cocktail, with the exception of a good Gin & Tonic. Her Mom overly adventurous, preferring a drop of Dubonnet with a twist of lemon. So when the two of them are together I like to try to make a drink that they’ll […]

Winter Beater Patron Rita


We aren’t huge tequila fans here in the FAB Whitby kitchen, but a chance encounter with a Patron Margarita while covering a race at Lime Rock a few years ago, changed all that. Patron isn’t one of those cheap ass, worm in the bottle, mezcal type of plonk. No, the company elevates the production of […]

Summer Lovin’

Mmmm, tasty

I couldn’t think of a better name for this drink. It’s light, sparkly and delish.  Be sure to have some festive stir-sticks handy to make this even more summery! Summer Lovin’ Cocktail 1 oz / 30 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 tsp / 10 ml sugar 2 oz / 60 ml flavoured vodka (eg., […]

Nature’s refridgerator


Fire-Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Mmmm, peppery goodness

Earlier this fall, the southern Ontario FAB kitchen hosted an amazing dinner party with a wicked theme: “Inspired by Fire”. One of our contributions to the event was this soup. Not only licked by flames on the barbeque, it also features a fiery kick…! 8 red bell peppers 45 ml / 3 tbsp grapeseed or […]

Impromptu drink of the day: Creamsitini


While rummaging through the freezer, trying to get some ideas for dinner tonight, I came across a bottle of Smirnoff’s Vanilla Vodka and an idea popped into my head. Not only did my mixology idea work, a sip revealed that the icy beverage was actually a liquid version of a Creamsicle. Into a shaker filled […]

Ice cube awesomeness: Stone Cold


Ever since Ikea dropped those funky silicone heart ice cube trays on the market, we’ve been unable to pass by any new funky ice cube trays that might appear on a store shelf in front of us. These Easter Island dudes might just be the coolest ever! Buy them at Perpetual Kid via Drink of […]

Ontario Stout

I was pretty stoked and curious to see this at our local LCBO…an Ontario Stout!  I’m talking about Hockley Valley Brewing Company’s Hockley Stout.  I love the tag on the can…”It pours like liquid midnight.”  Just go buy it.  It’s a really great pour – beautiful coffee aroma is what I got, and a bit […]

Video: Peaches is a winner!

Things have been pretty quiet around Foodies Across Borders lately, but that’s only because things in the kitchen have been way too busy! One of the big happenings here in the FAB East kitchen was that our killer summer cocktail recipe, Peaches won the Durham News Get Grillin’ Contest! That’s right, we won! So what […]