I feel a little naughty

food porn daily

I came across Food Porn Daily today, pun intended, and spent about 20 minutes captivated by the rotation of simply salacious photos. You see, not only are we Foodies, but Mooby and I have sort of become photography buffs over the past few years. This isn’t to say that either of us are overly skilled, […]

Food for fatties

turtle burgers

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the frightening vision of Bacon Cheese Turtle Burgers! Yes, you really are looking at a turtle shaped lump of heart attack on a plate. This artery hardening vision was sent my way via This is why you’re fat. Believe it or not, the little snappers are not […]

Portland’s food carts


As an automotive writer, I often have the opportunity to visit places that I wouldn’t likely ever see otherwise. The down side is that I am usually only in a city for about a day and a half and I have little more than a few hours to explore on my own. This past Fall […]

Blog Review: KidsKuisine


Who woulda thought? A cooking with kids blog that has a recipe for Kitty Litter Cake! Kidskuisine has the somewhat frightening cake treat, along with a whole lot more. Recipes are designed to be easy and fun for kids to make and eat. Some of the cooler treats for Halloween included Glycol Punch, Pumpkin Gut […]

Review – Hot Sauce Blog

While doing some research for the launch of our new home, I came across the Hot Sauce Blog. This smokin hot read is devoted to everything spicy, including sauce reviews, recipes and even the Hot Sauce Hotties. Written with brutal honesty and a healthy dose of sarcasm, HSB is a great resource if you love […]

Food blog review: Diary of The Food Whore

How can you not be intrigued by a food blogger whose tag line is Gracefully turning tricks since 1999. This anonymous, pickle juice swillin’ caterer blogs about food, clients and life in general. I’m looking forward to trying “Collard greens – Food Whore style”. “Pork fat is brilliant stuff. Let’s be honest, a dirty gym […]

Blog review: Palatable

Palatable is an American blog that will enlighten you on some of the scarier things that affect the processed foods that most of us on a daily basis. Be sure to check out the Manburger and the shitty teddy. They also have instructions on how to grow your own bean sprouts. Very cool. In the […]

Blog review: Road Foodie

Last week, One of Seven posted a review of a couple of recipes from The low carb gourmet, by Brigit Binns. This wonderful post has introduced us to Brigit and her new blog. Road Foodie is Brigit’s journal of food and drink she’s enjoyed (or not) as she travels around the world. She’s witty and […]

10W30 Dark Ale Review

Visit The Garage for a full review of Neustadt Springs 10W30 Dark Ale.

Blog Review – Cooking Gadgets

I’ve just come across a fun B5 Media blog called Cooking Gadgets, by Arieanna Foley. Like most of B5′s blogs, this one looks great and has lots of cool kitchen toys. I’m liking the perfect pint robot, but I think the kids would go crazy for the motorized ice cream cones!