5 Paddles Brewing Co.


My first visit to 5 Paddles Brewing Co. yesterday and picked up a couple of bottles of Strawberry Wheat. I’ll let you know what I thought later.

Rotisserie Chicken


Since we bought our new Napoleon Grill, either we’ve been away, or I have been out covering events, so we haven’t had a chance to try out the wickedly heavy duty rotisserie that came with the beast. So today, before heading off to our kid’s ball game, I decided to spin up a couple of […]

Great Lakes is rockin’ the K


Anyone who lived during the era of the K car is going to thing I am crazy, but the folks behind Crazy Canuck Pale Ale are driving around Toronto in the sweetest K car ever! Ok, so I know they were crap, but the Plymouth Reliant and Dodge Aries quite literally saved Chrysler’s bacon. They […]

Back Yard Living


Who needs a cottage when life in the neighbour’s back yard is so good!

Double Red

double red

Red Dog. Red Stripe. Stubby. Everyting Irie!

Spotted in Buffalo: Wailing Wench


Now this is a tipple I could get behind! From the Middle Ages Brewing Company.

BBQ Libations


Helsinki: Villi Waino Beer House


Whenever I visit a new city on my frequent press trips, I try to make use of what little spare time I have to myself to get out and explore a bit. There is nothing cooler than checking out new places and dropping in to a local watering hole. I recently visited Finland with the […]

Nature’s refridgerator


Enjoying a Mill Street Belgian Wit

mill street wit

For some time now, my favorite beer has been Mill Street Brewery’s Tankhouse Ale. The rich, smooth taste is truly the nectar of the gods. Today though I decided to pick up their seasonal six pack which is a mix of the Toronto micro brewery’s finest. Right now I’m enjoying a Belgian Wit, which is […]