Grilled new potatoes and spicy sausage

Grilled new potatoes and spicy sausage with proscuito, pear and pecan salad.

Super simple and yet full of flavour, this is a great mid-week dinner that takes no time to prepare. Ingredients: A few dozen baby new potatoes. You could mix it up with some of those multi-coloured ones if they are available. Half a dozen hot Italian sausages. Handful of grape tomatoes, halved. Fresh basil, chopped […]

Mixed Grill


  The family can’t make up their mind? No problem, grill up a variety of stuff for them to sample.

Best ever Kebab recipe


Kebab. Kebob. Kebaaab. Sort of like tomato, tomaaato. Whatever you call them, kebabs are sort of the ultimate version of meat on a stick. Originally a Turkish delight dating to the 1,300s (most likely earlier, as it is basically meat on a stick, cooked over fire) kebab has also become a staple of Indian menus. […]

Grill guard dog

enzo grill

Lazy dog Enzo guards the Napoleon. He knows something good is coming!

Spin the Chicks

spinnign chix

My first attempt at Vine video. Note to self, phone has to be held vertically.

Rotisserie Chicken


Since we bought our new Napoleon Grill, either we’ve been away, or I have been out covering events, so we haven’t had a chance to try out the wickedly heavy duty rotisserie that came with the beast. So today, before heading off to our kid’s ball game, I decided to spin up a couple of […]

Rufus Teague

A new sauce to try on today's ribs via Costco.

Grill Marks


I never tire of the Napoleon’s wave pattern grill marks.

The Beast makes its way home


I dropped by Napoleon Grills’ head office in Barrie today and picked up our new Prestige Series P500 grill. It looks great in its box, but will look even better after we assemble it and get dinner going!

Grill it up

grill it up

As regular readers know, we are having some challenges on the equipment side of the BBQ lifestyle here in the FAB Whitby kitchen. I have been doing lots of research into higher end barbecues online. On the Napoleon Grills Facebook page, I came across this hilarious video by D’Italiano Bread that features the Canadian built […]