Indian Hand Pies

I am usually so focused on the main dishes when I make an “Indian Feast” that I never really think about appetizers. ¬†For our last dinner, I had every intention of making these Curry Beef Pies (or Indian Hand Pies as G likes to call them) but because I couldn’t find any of the pre-made […]

What to feed surprise guests part 2

Last week we had a bit of a social media experiment involving Twitter and Facebook. The results were so overwhelming that we had to split it into two stories. We asked our FB friends the question: Surprise guests are arriving in 30 minutes. What is your go to appetizer from items already in your pantry? […]

What to feed surprise guests

We all have them, the friends/family who drop in unannounced “just to catch up”. No matter that you are shuttling kids to and fro or are in the midst of a reno, or maybe even a round of coitus, they just drop by. As a gracious host, you would never tell them to eff off. […]

Brown Ale Sliders

We had a big, long weekend family BBQ last night and there was a special request for some of our infamous sliders. As we had a pretty full menu of ribs and chicken on the go, we decided to put out some sliders as apps. We put together some of the Cabernet variety and while […]

Food porn: Rustic garlic bread pizza

I hate to sound like a total knob, but the discovery of home made pizza dough at 43 years of age has been somewhat of an epiphany for me. Last week I found a simple variation for garlic bread pizza courtesy of Jamie’s Italy. So simple: Toss your dough to the size you want. Brush […]