Foodies Across Borders is a place where friends who live a long way apart share our thoughts and ideas on cooking, entertaining and eating out. We review restaurants and babble on about current trends in cooking. Here in the FAB test kitchens, we review recipes and the odd product here & there.

The FAB Whitby kitchen

Gary Grant

Gary has been mucking about in the kitchen for years. Way back when, he actually worked in Toronto’s resto biz, where he pretty much did it all from grunt in the front of house to top dog in the kitchen. His fave spot though is behind a bar. That love of entertaining and perpetual beverage dispensing has earned him the title The Wine Fairy. Gary prefers a good pint, but really isn’t too picky and will consume whatever beverage is thrust upon him.

Sandy Grant

As the better half of the FAB Whitby kitchen, Sandy is the most frequent recipient of The Wine Fairy’s activities. Sandy’s background involves some food service as well. Managing the lunch counter at the McMichael Art Gallery led to making ice cream at a Leaside scoopery. Mamma G absolutely hates anything to do with baking. She prefers her vino red and her ice tinkling in scotch.

The FAB Ottawa Kitchen

One of Seven

One of Seven is the only one in the FAB test kitchens who actually has any schooling in food. She did her time in a culinary school, followed by some time in the kitchen of a hifalutin banquet hall before taking over the reins of a gourmet food store. These days she’s happiest in her awesome new kitchen with a big honkin’ glass of red. She also likes dressing up and scaring little kids.


Yes Chef! These are the words most commonly heard from Mooby as he does his duty as One of Seven’s most capable sous. Mooby grills an awesome steak and relishes his place as OoS’s subservient in the kitchen. He too comes out of the closet to give the wee ones nightmares on occasion, usually doing so with a frothy pint in hand.