Tangy Summer Slaw

The lowly cole slaw dressing has been the root of many family picnic debates over the years. Some like oil and vinegar based dressing, while others prefer a creamy base and others are happy to go with the standard Kraft offering. Cole slaw has been a staple at picnics and barbecues for so long not due to a lack of creativity, rather the exact opposite. Slaw is a perfect way to showcase Summer crops and mix things up a bit. Even many picky kids like The Slaw, which is great for parents, who can easily toss in some stuff other than just cabbage and they will never know the difference.

We had friends over for a BBQ earlier this weekend so I decided to whip up a nice slaw and make a dressing I haven’t tried before. Taking cues from many of the family fave recipes I found online, I think I have put together a combination that works nicely. It was a hit with our guests.

Creamy dijon cole slaw dressing
Mix 5 equal parts depending on the size of your crowd. I used about 1/3 cup of each of the following:
Cider vinegar
Dijon Mustard

Mix well and reserve.

The Slaw
Many recipes I have seen online call to start with a whole head of cabbage. Unless you are feeding an army, you will be eating slaw for a week!

1/2 head of cabbage, very finely sliced. You can use a mandolin if you must, but a good knife is much easier.
1 carrot cut into fine strips
1 celery stalk – ditto
1/2 a medium vidalia onion or other sweet variety, finely sliced

There are no rules here, if you want to sliver some red/orange/yellow peppers to add colour and sweetness, go to it.

Put all your veggies in a large bowl as you complete cutting each one. Then, drizzle half the dressing over top and mix well. Taste and add more dressing if you like it a bit goopier.

If you want, season with a bit of salt and pepper. Personally, I think the cider and dijon add more than enough tang, so I don’t add extra seasoning. Serve alongside burgers, steaks or chicken. Really, slaw is the perfect compliment to anything that is fresh off the grill!

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