What to feed surprise guests part 2

When in doubt, throw together an Indian Feast!

Last week we had a bit of a social media experiment involving Twitter and Facebook. The results were so overwhelming that we had to split it into two stories. We asked our FB friends the question: Surprise guests are arriving in 30 minutes. What is your go to appetizer from items already in your pantry?

Here are the answer in the order they came:

Sonya: I always have pate and cheese/crackers handy. Otherwise, chips and salsa.

Beth: Beer

Peggy: Pita crisps

Deanne: My question to you is……If their a surprise, how do you know their coming? haha But on a more serious note, usually cheese and crackers, pickles, olives

Sylvie: Stuffed mushroom caps.

Alexandra: I second Deanne’s choice and add humus, pita and veg or veg and dip.

Ruth: Frozen Thin Mints!

Crash: Draw the blinds and turn the lights out usually works for me, or switching house numbers with the weirdo down the street is always good for a laugh!:-) If all else fails though…Cheese & crackers, beer and wine!

David: Boil some eggs, remove shell, cut in half, sprinkle Paprika –done

Anna: Olive oil and bread. Like Greek oil. Throw some tomatoes and garlic on it. Or antipasti. Can’t go wrong. :)

Mike: Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner

Rich: Chips, French Onion dip, veggies and dip, chili-jam with cheese on crackers of some kind, heat one of those m&m assorted pastry box thingies…beer/wine

Jennifer: nice cheese (technically in the fridge, not the pantry), served with crackers and maybe a hot pepper jelly (if I happen to have cream cheese on hand)

Paul: umm … i don’t have a pantry. (Someone feel sorry for me …) so … let’s go with an assortment of potato chips and Party Mix!

Chuck: Bourbon, Scotch, & Rum

So there you go, a couple of huge lists of ideas for what to feed those pesky surprise guest that you just might see this weekend!


  1. Chuck’s best. Ply them with booze!

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